Case Studies

RYDLYME has exceeded expectations across many industries over the past 78 years. Have a look at here at real-life applications that have led to outstanding results. 


A world renowned petrochemical manufacturer had inspected one of their ethylene refining columns during a regularly scheduled shutdown. As ethylene is arguably the most important organic chemical in the plastics manufacturing process, serving as the starting block for a variety of products, the ethylene column is an essential piece of equipment. Upon inspection, the column was found to be in poor condition and required cleaning. The past method of cleaning was labor intensive, time consuming, and required manual brushing and a small maintenance team to enter confined spaces. 


A large pharmaceutical manufacturer was having serious fouling issues within their boiler system which supplies heat for five buildings. While evaluating their system they found high head pressures, blocked strainers, significantly reduced flow and very high ∆P across heat exchangers. These findings then prompted them to check the amperage draw on their pump which had increased significantly since installation and confirmed the suspicion of a severely scaled system operating inefficiently. Based on the effectiveness, environmental impact and safety for their operators they chose RYDLYME to get the job done


A large financial institution was having serious issues with water scale deposits which hadaccumulated in their 600 ton chiller. Approach temperature per the chiller’s design specificationwas 3°F. This value had skyrocketed to upwards of 12°F and reduced the chiller’s capacity tobarely 80%. However, while operating at this level the approach temperature was still twodegrees above normal. Previously, the chiller had been cleaned with harsh acids which hadcorroded the walls of the copper tubes in the condenser. This prohibited further use of corrosiveacids to clean the system. A senior technician fortunately remembered using RYDLYME at his previous casino operation and immediately contacted Apex Engineering Products to facilitate solutions as soon as possible


A local hospital was having issues keeping their operating rooms at an adequate temperature for doctors and patients. The source of the problem was water scale deposits which had accumulated within the condenser tubes of one of the wing’s dedicated chillers. It had been operating without issue throughout the spring months, but once temperatures began to increase the 1,200 ton unit began struggling. A team of service personnel were brought into clean the tubes in order to prevent the issue escalating to critical. The unit had to be shutdown and the condenser was opened to mechanically brush inside of the tubes and remove the scale deposits.


One of the most important steps in the mold making process is a consistent and proper cooling cycle. This is dueto the fact cooling rates can have a significant influence on the overall quality of the finished item. The coolingcycle must remain consistent throughout the entire production run to ensure all items are equal in quality.The cooling process within plastic injection molding is critical to the quality of the mold, and may require about50-75% of the total cycle time.From a production standpoint, this cycle time must be kept to a minimum in orderto produce sufficient quantities on time. An optimum cooling process will also keep rejection rates to a minimum


Although preventative maintenance had been satisfactory in the past, after inspecting the previousshutdown’s mechanical cleaning results, the natural gas fired power plant wanted to achieve a pristineoutcome on one of their power blocks. Two years before, mechanical cleaning had left streaks ofstubborn scale deposit in a considerable number of tubes. There was still bare metal exposed in thosetubes which indicated that little to no new scale had deposited from the cleaning prior


The water system at a commercial restaurant chain was comprised of a tankless water heaterand a 100 gallon hot water storage tank. These supplied the location with all its hot waterneeds, including the dishwasher. Six months after installation, water scale had accumulatedin the tankless unit’s heat exchanger. The issue was evident after setting the dishwasher to itsmaximum of 180°F, the internal temperature only reached 120°F. In need of a quick solution,they turned toRYDLYMEto get the job done.


An American multinational oil & gas corporation turned to RYDLYME as a solution for removingscale deposits from one of their state-of-the-art, Midwestern production facilities. A uniquedeposit identified by the facility engineers as ferric oxide had deposited within coolingpassages of an alkylation unit. Alkylation is a conversion process in petroleum refining toproduce alkylates for high octane gasoline. The process is delicate and must be kept withinoptimum parameters in order to operate safely, efficiently and maximize production. Thedeposit prohibited adequate heat transfer, which resulted in elevated pressures up to 34psi


The key to low cost power plant operation is maintaining clean, leak-free condenser tubes. Fouledcondenser tubes have the greatest effect on operating efficiency which translates to a significanteconomic impact on plant operation. The reduced heat transfer from fouled tubes results in higherbackpressure in the condenser and reduced turbine efficiency. This will increase fuel consumption andeven reduce the power generation capacity of the plant.A Florida combined cycle power plant was experiencing low heat transfer and overall inefficiency intheir main turbine condenser. The backpressure had increased significantly since their last mechanicalcleaning indicating a high amount of scale accumulation in the condenser tubes


A northwestern petrochemical facility specializing in ethylene and polyethylene manufacturingwas experiencing problems with their main cooling tower. Specifically, the problem wasdiscovered to be in the blowdown line of the tower system. Designs, pump specifications,drawings and historical data were obtained to evaluate the severity of the problem. The lineconsisted of 5,000 feet of 4” carbon steel pipe. It was determined that over the past 30 years,scale had progressively accumulated within the blowdown line and restricted flow. Flow rateswhich were designed for 125 gallons perminute were reduced to just 37 GPM


A Midwest wastewater treatment plant experiencing struvite buildup on their centrifuge systemsturned toRYDLYMEBiodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the rapidly growing scalebuildup. Their previous cleaning method consisted of personnel utilizing hand chisels whichproved to be a strenuous task and not very effective. For theRYDLYMEcleaning, the basin ofthe horizontal centrifuge was filled with a 20%RYDLYMEsolution and then the centrifuge wasset to rotate at 5RPM. The unit was inspected 16 hours later.


An East Coast wastewater treatment plant experiencing filtration system flow issues turned to RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler as a solution to remove the struvite deposits which had accumulated. Over nine years, struvite had restricted the flow of the system’s 4” diameterby 350’ long pipe connecting the transfer pump to the holding tank from 240 gallons per minute to 12 gpm. This indicated that the system was severely clogged and RYDLYME was immediately procured to resolve the issue


A midwestern wastewater facility was severely hindered by struvite blockage within one of their lift stations. The severity of struvite buildup had seized multiple valves and pump driveshafts throughout the system. Repeated hydroblasting attempts were unsatisfactory in that only a few feet of the system was freed of struvite deposits after three days of cleaning. Labor costs and downtime strained their budget and operators!


A pharmaceutical developer’s wastewater system was experiencing flow issues caused bythe collection of struvite scale deposits. The system consisted of over 1,000 feet of 8” pipecontaining 2,640 gallons along with transfer pumps which normally provide flow rates of 300gallons per minute. However, the struvite had become so severe that the pumps were restrictedto just 60 gpm or 20% of their design capabilities.


A pharmaceutical developer’s wastewater system was experiencing flow issues caused bythe collection of struvite scale deposits. The system consisted of over 1,000 feet of 8” pipecontaining 2,640 gallons along with transfer pumps which normally provide flow rates of 300gallons per minute. However, the struvite had become so severe that the pumps were restrictedto just 60 gpm or 20% of their design capabilities.


A southwest regional wastewater treatment facility was experiencing a severe reduction inraw sludge flow throughout their five service plants. Due to government restrictions on harsh,chemical treatment, vivianite mineral deposits had accumulated and rapidly constricted sludgeflow in transfer pipelines.RYDLYMEwas acquired for testing its effectiveness on the deposit. Afoot long spool sample of affected 6” pipe was submerged in RYDLYME for only two hours and upon inspection was found to be completely clean of deposits. The reaction was so rapid in fact that supervisory technicians did not have an opportunity to evaluate the test and another spool piece was tested to reprove and confirm the concept

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"It pays for itself in weeks"

My company was struggling with declining efficiency in our heat exchangers due to rust buildup. We used Rydlyme for the first time in 2014 and after flushing for 1 day our equipment was running like new again. We now use Rydlyme for all our maintenance, saving us thousands per year, it pays for itself within weeks!
Sydney, NSW

"I highly recommend this product"

After using a number of other products for years, Rydlyme is hands-down the best descaler in the business. It is extremely safe to use, and the results are almost instant. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing to flush a boiler system.
Perth, WA

"Rydlyme ticks all the boxes"

The most important aspect I am looking for in a descaler is how environmentally friendly it is. It is so important when you work in the brewing industry to ensure all of our pumps, lines and tanks are cleaned thoroughly, but also that there is no contamination. Rydlyme ticks all the boxes.
Melbourne, VIC

"It's a no brainer"

We were dealing with huge calcium build ups in our flow lines, so we flushed with Rydlyme for 6 hours. I couldn’t believe the results. Within the first hour the pump pressure dropped significantly, and flow rate increased as the Rydlyme solution worked its magic. Just dilute with water and away you go, making it extremely simple to use. It’s a no brainer!
Barossa Valley, SA

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