RYDLYME was developed in 1942 and has grown to be the product of choice for customers in nearly all industry categories. There are many applications for it.

Aerospace & Defence

- Engine cooling systems
- CHT systems;
- Evaporators
- Distilling units; boilers
- Jet blast deflectors (JBDs)


- Closed circuit cooling
- Air compressors
- Heat exchangers
- Moulding machines
- Parts washers
- Electric welder guns


- Condensers
- Exchangers
- Mixers
- Reactors
- Jacketed kettles

Food & Beverage

- Bottle washers
- Rinse tanks
- CO2 generators
- Refrigeration
- Booster heaters


- Evaporative condensers
- Shell and tube condensers
- Centrifugal chillers
- Absorption units


- Closed-circuit cooling
- Heat exchangers
- Parts washers
- Chillers

Pulp & Paper

- Vacuum pumps
- Mill and calendar rolls
- Liquor lines and tanks
- Closed circuit cooling
- Evaporators

Corporate Construction

- Pumps
- Air Compressors
- Tubing
- Water pipes


- Banbury mixers
- Extruders
- Tubers
- Mill and calendar rolls
- Compressors

Steel & Metal

- Compressors
- Exchangers
- Mill rolls
- Furnaces
- Smelters
- Cooling towers


- Exchangers
- Condensers
- Compressors
- Closed circuit cooling
- Cooling towers


- Flushing outboard engines
- Inboard engines
- LNG Vaporisers
- Marine AC units

Interested in marine products?

We have another product tailored specifically for marine equipment, with a special formula to tackle marine buildup and keep your boat, ship, ferry or tanker running like new everyday.

Why Rydlyme?

RYDLYME was developed in 1942 and has grown to be the product of choice for customers in nearly all industry categories. RYDLYME is an extremely innovative and unique solution fortified with wetting and penetrating agents to actually dissolve deposits into solution, like sugar in coffee. This revolutionary liquid is time tested and proven to be the safest and most cost-effective solution for fouled equipment or systems. Thanks to our valued customers, RYDLYME is now the: 

"World's Leading Biodegradable Descaler!"


Rydlyme is non corrosive and can be used on a variety of materials.  It will not erode, pit oxidise or have other deleterious effects on metals or materials such as:

What our Customers say


"After using a number of other products for years, Rydlyme is hands-down the best descaler in the business! It is extremely safe to use, and the results are almost instant. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing to flush a boiler system."